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Pink Latte Anyone ?




Hello Lovelies ,
While outside the cold weather keep greeting me on the school run I am back here with more pink , ( wondering about pink Sakura season already ) . I am not a fan of pink , not at all , only if my pinks are pastel / powder / white pinks . Do you know that I never looked for a pink outfits for my daughters , bright pinks terrifies me .. only Powder Pinks for Us :)
If you are following  me on my Instagram you know I promised more recipe posts , so here is one of them , under the hashtag #hotdrinks #pinklatte :)
So .. when I first noticed pink cute drink called pink latte somewhere in the Pinterest I think - I was intrigued , mostly by what its made of !
So here is the surprise - beet root juice or powder is the base for it !
I absolutely love beet root , fresh and crunchy in salads , boiled in different dishes and roasted in oven (you have to try , its  heaven ) , but the thought of beet root and milk didn't go too well for actually craving this drink !
But its not me if I will not try something new and I can honestly say Pink Latte is actually quite a pleasant drink , very versatile with the ways of using different spices and extras .

Recipe : Milk ( coco , rice or almond )
              beet root juice or powder
              Vanilla paste ( you can also use protein powder )
              Honey if needed

Super Easy - mix tea spoon of powder ( or less , depends of your cup size ) with small amount of water ! Froth your milk , add vanilla and pour into the pink mixture !
Done !

Any suggestions for my blog - feel free to message me on my Instagram page .

Festive Pink ?

 I absolutely  adore place name cards , they make your plate look a little bit more special and personal , especially if it's a handwritten one . Calligraphy was the future of the past once and I am delighted that it has a future again ( in this digital era let's keep real things happening too )
Where to place your cards is totally up to your imagination . I fell in love with these glorious coupe glasses filled with candy floss  , they look so soft , so pretty and so pleasantly pink . I love that the name cards are so tiny compared to the glass , it seems like a perfect combination .
Pink is never really at Christmas colour theme unless you are a Barbie or attending Barbies Christmas party :) But why not , I can reassure you that if you have children they will love it . I know  that for sure :)
I think this is a great idea with candy floss and name cards , perhaps different colours would be more traditional - dark green or red .( can you actually get candy floss in different colours ? hmm , I never seen any )

Hello my Dear readers ..

Today's shoot didn't go very well unfortunately ... Today was the darkest , unpleasant weather ever with hardly any decent daylight to show . I love to take pictures mainly in natural daylight , it's natural and so soft that it takes out the best of any object . Sunlight really is a miracle ! With almost no decent pictures of today ( I am a perfectionist after all ) here is  a little sneak peak of Festive table décor with a touch of pink .
Would you go pink ?

Christmas Mood

Hi Lovelies ,
here is another Christmas  wreath which I am using as a table decoration . This is slightly upcycled wreath as I had it for a couple of years and every year I just added different décor on it but this year it needed to be refreshed properly - the lovely white colour wasn't as clear anymore - White Chalk paint helped with that ! :)
I glued gold berries on it and made  little nests from raffia ribbon .
But the most prettiest part of this photoshoot is my new collection of Christmas baubles  , more specific - these are handmade porcelain baubles from the most talented Porcelain Artist - Julija Podzina , follow her Facebook page here !

Christmas Wreath

Hello !
Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year . For me it's all about creating that Christmas mood / spirit . It's all about the cosiness , scent of candles , peace within and around . It's not about being consumer it's about time spent together as a family , for our family Christmas crafts is everything ( as you might notice that already ) .
This year I have not been my usual self with running little late with everything but I guess sometimes you have to accept that Perfect not always are perfect ?!
Anyway , by that being said , here is my Christmas Advent wreath I created yesterday and it took me little or less of 30 minutes . Like usual I used little tiny Christmas themed decors which I already had plus I bought a few red berry branches and those adorable red mushrooms at my local garden centre . The actual wreath  cost me £5 from the  local  shop and it  had some decorations on which I removed . I am very happy with the look of it , it's enough rustic and festive for me :)
And you can make your own wreath too , if you have hot glue gun you can consider yourself a professional :)

ICE strawberry

At our house we love to cook and I am so blessed that my husband is my own Jamie Oliver :) , Mr K is not that good with baking but the main dishes are just on the highest level .
My guests are very fortunate , its definitely a 5 star treatment when you over for a dinner at mine !

So let me introduce you with the sassy  "ICE strawberry "cocktail .
Ingredients : frozen strawberries ( around 11 medium size )
                     Copella cloudy apple juice 100 ml( fresh Apple juice )
                     Fresh lemon juice ( from half of lemon ) 
                     Tiny bit of Sugar ( 2 or 3 teaspoons ) 
                      White Rum ( 50 ml or none )

Place all the ingredients into your blender ( I use Ninja ) and blend it well !
You should get a lovely texture between  sorbet and smoothie !
It tastes Amazing !


One of the best feelings is to fall into a crisp white bedsheets after a busy day and long shower !
Especially if it's Thread Count bed linen - Ever heard of it ?

What does thread count really means ?

­"You might suspect thread count is simply a marketing ploy to make Egyptian cotton sheets sound more luxurious. But it's really a scientific term on how those threads are counted­.
Technically, thread count means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. You count both length and width threads. So 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads produce a thread count of 200."

I am pretty sure I fell in love with this luxury bed linen while staying at one of my favourite hotels , I kept saying to my husband " do you feel different sleeping here , it just feels so amazing ?" yes I know its only a bed linen but let me tell you - you will never go back to any other bed linen after you will experience a night sleep in thread count linen !


embroidered napkins

interior details

recycled glass bottles
Seasons Sakura flowers
picture frame 

pretty petals

 pretty Ranunculus

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

Gentle mood of Spring

 My favorite spring skincare Elizabet Arden
 Chanel Chanel Chanel
 Nude Tony Bianco pumps

Christmas celebration ideas

 Black pepper cookie as table decoration

 Beautiful idea for Christmas Afternoon Tea or just dessert table

Hello my Darlings , this year my pre Christmas time has not been  relaxed as I wanted , I just simply running out of the time day after day , but today finally I had a chance to plan my Christmas Eve table decorations , I used my imagination and this is what happened - I used little green branches from my Christmas tree , added a tiny bobble with raffia nest and sprinkled with sparkling icing sugar ( yes , so simple ) ! Also I have the idea of  Christmas tree shaped black pepper cookie with tiny bunch of green pine and some decorations ( even more simpler )
I will try to post more Christmas inspiration or even gift wrapping ideas , fingers crossed I will find some spare time for that :) .. and here is few questions for you girls : how do you planning to celebrate Christmas ? any particular food or cake ? what about table decorations ? what kind of traditions you keep in your family ? and what about gifts , everything ready and wrapped ?