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Closet talk

 I have some picture frames hanging in my wardrobe , it might look strange for you but I really like things with character even if its only a wardrobe or closet . The idea about picture frames came to my mind when I found some broken frames ( no supporting leg on the back ) so I thought I could insert some fashion images behind the glass and put fix them on my closet walls ! I really love this idea and there will be more for sure :)
What do you think about this idea ?
 Fresh flowers will make any room look brighter and softer ..
It's still raining , so instead of any other activities on the weekend I decided its TIME , time for saying Goodbye to some clothes and other stuff which I no longer need ( even thought a a little devil on my shoulder tried to make me keep some stuff ) I don't like mess , that is something what can really  distract me ! Also I like to keep clothes on the hangers so they are ready whenever I want them , of course not always it is like that , its nothing more annoying then have your clothes stuffed on the hangers so there is no extra space , it might sound weird but also clothes need some fresh air to keep them fresh !
So how I organised everything !?
1. I removed all the clothes and shoes from the wardrobe
2.  I put away all winter clothes - boots , coats , hats etc
3. I started to sort clothes I will keep and clothes I will no longer need
4 .then I started to organise by garments and colours - on the right side I decide to put my dresses starting from black , then skirts ,lighter dresses ,  blouses and t-shirts , on the left side I left all my dry cleaned clothes in plastic covers ( cant see in the picture )
5. I put my summer shoes and handbags on the shelves , some storage boxes , box with belts and other things .
6. some of the jeans and sports gear I keep on the right side on the box !
At the moment I have a little more things in because I actually finished all this mess today ..Mission accomplished :)
To keep my wardrobe clutter free I decided for every new thing I will buy in the future  I will give one thing away ( charity , Ebay or to a friend ) ! Also there will be more custom made clothes from my design for sure because looking at my clothes collection I understand that only my own design clothes I really appreciate and wear a lot , my worst nightmare is to go to the event and have somebody in the same dress :)
How do you organise your closet ???