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Christmas celebration ideas

 Black pepper cookie as table decoration

 Beautiful idea for Christmas Afternoon Tea or just dessert table

Hello my Darlings , this year my pre Christmas time has not been  relaxed as I wanted , I just simply running out of the time day after day , but today finally I had a chance to plan my Christmas Eve table decorations , I used my imagination and this is what happened - I used little green branches from my Christmas tree , added a tiny bobble with raffia nest and sprinkled with sparkling icing sugar ( yes , so simple ) ! Also I have the idea of  Christmas tree shaped black pepper cookie with tiny bunch of green pine and some decorations ( even more simpler )
I will try to post more Christmas inspiration or even gift wrapping ideas , fingers crossed I will find some spare time for that :) .. and here is few questions for you girls : how do you planning to celebrate Christmas ? any particular food or cake ? what about table decorations ? what kind of traditions you keep in your family ? and what about gifts , everything ready and wrapped ?

Chalk paint love - transformation !

Hello Darlings , here is recent project of mine , I love transforming something dusty and forgotten  into something truly  beautiful !
Painted in Annie Sloan Old White . Before that it was a very sad , dark and unloved piece of stunning furniture , now it's stunning , even thought that originally I bought it to sell :) I am thinking of " keep " now :)
I am apologising for posting so rarely , but I just simply don't have enough time , seriously , I am wondering how I do everything , I am always on the run , it's always something ..
At the moment while both of my babies are sleeping I am editing little Christmas post so stay tuned !

Autumn Weekend Mood

 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
 My designed Neoprene black dress
 beautiful inside yard
 Classic nail polish
I love make things beautiful !

for the love of Macarons

I just love how pretty macarons look on the pictures ..talking about Perfection :)

old white and peonies

 Another project of mine painted in Annie Sloan Old White , get your paint here 
 I hope you are enjoying my photography , I just can't resist my love for peonies :)

 Coffee is about Enjoying the moment !
Have a lovely week my lovely readers , I been really busy and stressed ( ! ) lately but I do read your lovely blogs and I will be back soon with loads of comments :) and yes Egle from La Pepa I miss those outfit posts too ..soon ..I promise :)

That time of the year - Lilac

" You have no idea how closely I wrapped myself around your heart "

Before and After with Annie Sloan Louis Blue

Another little project of mine , little bedside table painted with Annie Sloan Louis Blue mixed with a tiny bit of Paris Grey , distressed and waxed  !

Annie Sloan Chalk paint Before and After

Like I already mentioned before I had some projects going on so here it is - old vintage cupboard painted and distressed with Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk paint ! I finished this drawer today and I LOVE the finished look ! It's crazy what a little bit of paint can do :)

perfume bottle diy with flowers

 I removed metal seal from Chanel bottle with kitchen knife and it was quite easy ( see pictures ) most important is to open bottom bit and then it comes off easy !
It was a different story with Signorina bottle , oh , it was a mission , the metal seal was from different type of metal , very hard with no chances to bend it like Chanel seal , so I used nail clippers to somehow remove the seal ! That took time but I did it !
I hope you liked my little tutorial and will try to do it as well , on that note if you do please share it on Instragram and feel free to tag me so I can see your beautiful  DIY :)

After a very long I can finally sit down and write a few lines here :) Both of my babies are asleep by now so I will show you a quick and easy tutorial how to reuse / recycle a pretty perfume bottles ! I think clear glass bottles are the best , they simply look the best ! I had an empty Chanel bottle and recently finished Signorina bottle which I really liked because of the little bow , well , bottle was better then the actual perfume :) I will not write a lot , as you can see in the pictures above its nothing difficult just takes a bit of patience !
Enjoy Birds singing outside , it's spring :) so Beautiful !

Kids Birthday Party Details

Yesterday my daughter Isabella turned 7 , I really can't believe where the time has gone , it feels like yesterday when she was born and I held her in my arms  , now she is 7 , time is so precious ..
I had a little partyl for family only yesterday  but of course there will be another party with school friends in 2 weeks time , at the moment we are very excited about Isabella's first ballet examination so all the free time is spent for dancing , our weekends are so busy , Saturday mornings we have swimming lessons and ballet afterwards ..and I have a newborn to look after also ..sometimes I really don't know how I manage everything !
But let's I will tell you about my party accessories !
I really wanted to create something Beautiful avoiding any supermarket stuff with plastic sheets of " Happy Birthday " , already in advance I ordered Honeycomb balls ( it's not that easy to get them and they are not cheap , I got them from Ebay ) , little milk bottles ( local Garden Centre ) , I used round stickers for wall decoration , also I made little cupcake decorations and flower shaped labels on the milk bottles ! I had few more ideas but just didn't had time for everything ! One of the ideas was favour boxes with children names on them , but I made a mistake by ordering individual stamps , I was expecting delivery already a week ago and then I decided to contact the seller :) surprise surprise ! I didn't notice that my seller is from China he he , so no stamps for a while ! Anyway , I will have another post for a girly party with more detailed post in about 2 weeks time !
Are you missing my outfit posts ( just wondering ) ?