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Annie Sloan Chalk paint Before and After

Like I already mentioned before I had some projects going on so here it is - old vintage cupboard painted and distressed with Annie Sloan Paris Grey Chalk paint ! I finished this drawer today and I LOVE the finished look ! It's crazy what a little bit of paint can do :)


  1. Wow! Galarezultāts izskatās lieliski! Man ļoti patīk:)


  2. Ohhhh, I just adore the final look!!! How pretty is the drawer, love love love it!
    I am now in a changing process - trying to create cute La Pepa corner, have to change place as I am giving my old big area to my daughter :) She needs more space for her play area :) So now I am looking for a cute shabby chic style table as I am selling my big old one :)

  3. smuki jaaa.... man viira drebju skapis ir vairaakkart krasots un ar lewis darbosanos saskribelets, it kaa varbuut vajadzetu vienkarsi nopirkt jaunu bet mieksaa didaas tas upcycle gars, tik nevar sanemties un nav ideju.... tu piesac specifisku kraasu...kapec? shiis kraasas kkaa nozimigas? paldies ka padalies x

  4. Loti skaisti, romantiski, shabby chic. Tiesam krasai ir speks un ir daudz forsak, ka pats, tad katrai lietai rodas neaprakstama vertiba un dveselite.

    xoxo Ra


  5. I have found your blog and I must say I really love it! You have really great blog,so inspiring!
    I'm your new follower! :)


  6. Какая же вы мастерица! Всё очень красиво- мебель, рамки, цветы! <3

  7. Thanks for the sharing Before and After images with Chalk paint.. please keep posting

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