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Christmas celebration ideas

 Black pepper cookie as table decoration

 Beautiful idea for Christmas Afternoon Tea or just dessert table

Hello my Darlings , this year my pre Christmas time has not been  relaxed as I wanted , I just simply running out of the time day after day , but today finally I had a chance to plan my Christmas Eve table decorations , I used my imagination and this is what happened - I used little green branches from my Christmas tree , added a tiny bobble with raffia nest and sprinkled with sparkling icing sugar ( yes , so simple ) ! Also I have the idea of  Christmas tree shaped black pepper cookie with tiny bunch of green pine and some decorations ( even more simpler )
I will try to post more Christmas inspiration or even gift wrapping ideas , fingers crossed I will find some spare time for that :) .. and here is few questions for you girls : how do you planning to celebrate Christmas ? any particular food or cake ? what about table decorations ? what kind of traditions you keep in your family ? and what about gifts , everything ready and wrapped ?

Chalk paint love - transformation !

Hello Darlings , here is recent project of mine , I love transforming something dusty and forgotten  into something truly  beautiful !
Painted in Annie Sloan Old White . Before that it was a very sad , dark and unloved piece of stunning furniture , now it's stunning , even thought that originally I bought it to sell :) I am thinking of " keep " now :)
I am apologising for posting so rarely , but I just simply don't have enough time , seriously , I am wondering how I do everything , I am always on the run , it's always something ..
At the moment while both of my babies are sleeping I am editing little Christmas post so stay tuned !