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Creating Christmas Spirit

Nakts, tik kluss dzied vējš, 
Krīt sniegs, un apsnidzis ir ceļš un arī mežs.
Nakts, tā zvaigznes mirdz,
Kā lidzi viņām krūtīs kvēlo mana sirds.
Nakts, ar tevi kopā
Es atdzimstu šai pasaulei.

 Nakts, tik kluss dzied vējš.
 Viss rūgtums, ilgi krātais, paliek vakarējs.
 Nakts, tev jāpalīdz
 Ir visu saprast, lai tev bērni dotod līdz.
 Nakts, es tevi lūdzu:
 Nes mieru mums ik dvēselē!

 Šī nakts ir Ziemassvētku nakts,
 Kas klusa nāk.
 Pār mežiem, pakalniem un pļavām
 Svētki nāk.
 Ik brīdi mieru nesot, mieru dvēselē,
 Pār mūsu galvām svēta laime nāk

Sniegs tik lēni krīt,
Ik sniegpārslā var katrs sevi atpazīt.
Nāk pie tevis nakts
Un atdod visu to, kas tev ir kādreiz zagts.
Deg ik svecē vārdi, 
Kurus klusējot tev vēstī nakts.
Hello Darlings ,
For me Christmas really is the most beautiful time of the year - Christmas spirit is what really matters , it's the feeling I get every year , cherished memories , familiar scents , favorite music everywhere ..
House decorations is a very important part for Christmas - for me it means something rustic and natural , I am trying to avoid anything plastic looking and its glass baubles for us only !
I think the best part is decorating the Christmas tree - a glorious center piece ..
What Christmas mean to You ?

Large Prints

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Hi Lovelies , 

What is interior ?

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space .

There are so many different interior styles out there , it's fascinating  how we choose to plan our living space . For me personally  - I Love  interiors with individuality , I would rather choose antique or vintage piece over any mainstream shop furniture and what I mean is - use your imagination , interiors don't need to be serious and played by certain rules  , its a chess game in your own home and you have a chance to play with bigger pieces instead of black and  white rook and knight :)

Are you obsessed with Pinterest like me ? I am .. there is so many stunning homes out there ..

My Favourite furniture places  Ebay for antiques and vintage 
                                                  TK MAXX and Homesense

Banana Bread

Good Evening my sweet petals ,
So here is my banana bread recipe as requested by many on my IG

Ingredients :
140g butter
  • 140g  sugar ( or less )
  • 2  eggs
  • 140g self-raising flour ( or regular flour just add baking powder )
  • +1 tsp baking powder
  • 4 very ripe bananas , mashed
  • poppy seeds
  • Method :
  • It's super easy - obviously start with butter and sugar , whisk it well so the mixture is  fluffy , add eggs and mashed banana and flour with baking soda and poppy seeds ! don't over mix it !
  • Bake it while ready in approx 180 degrees !
  • I made 2 loafs  - one with and one without poppy seeds but believe me , go with the poppy seeds it's so Delicious .. and you will love it even if you are not banana lover like me :)

Candles and Me

Hi my Lovely Ladies ,  

Ever since I fell in love with candles I knew there is no way back for me . For me it doesn't matter if it's cold winter's night or super hot summer's afternoon , Candles make me feel good and that's it ... but of course candles has to be scented , good quality and pretty to look at :)

Here is list of my Favourite candles so far 

1. Parks London

2.   DL & Co

3.   DW candles

Pink Latte Anyone ?




Hello Lovelies ,
While outside the cold weather keep greeting me on the school run I am back here with more pink , ( wondering about pink Sakura season already ) . I am not a fan of pink , not at all , only if my pinks are pastel / powder / white pinks . Do you know that I never looked for a pink outfits for my daughters , bright pinks terrifies me .. only Powder Pinks for Us :)
If you are following  me on my Instagram you know I promised more recipe posts , so here is one of them , under the hashtag #hotdrinks #pinklatte :)
So .. when I first noticed pink cute drink called pink latte somewhere in the Pinterest I think - I was intrigued , mostly by what its made of !
So here is the surprise - beet root juice or powder is the base for it !
I absolutely love beet root , fresh and crunchy in salads , boiled in different dishes and roasted in oven (you have to try , its  heaven ) , but the thought of beet root and milk didn't go too well for actually craving this drink !
But its not me if I will not try something new and I can honestly say Pink Latte is actually quite a pleasant drink , very versatile with the ways of using different spices and extras .

Recipe : Milk ( coco , rice or almond )
              beet root juice or powder
              Vanilla paste ( you can also use protein powder )
              Honey if needed

Super Easy - mix tea spoon of powder ( or less , depends of your cup size ) with small amount of water ! Froth your milk , add vanilla and pour into the pink mixture !
Done !

Any suggestions for my blog - feel free to message me on my Instagram page .