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Finally packing !

 Beige flats / moccasins from Debenhams and of course the Ultimate perfume Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme ! I am such a Chanel admire when it comes to perfumes but Flowerbomb is just something I can't resist !
 limited edition dress Topshop ( from £ 180  to £ 50 ) Some of you already know that I hate sales  and I will write WHY  about that another time! This was unplanned Topshop visit :)
Shoes Topshop
Hello Darlings , sorry for me being so lazy with my blog posts , I promise that will change very soon  because I am off to Latvia in one day so I have so many places to visit and write about it :) so keep tuned , I will try to update my blog in any possibility !
House is cleaned , plants are watered , wardrobe is organised and I am ready to pack , you already know how bad I am with packing , I always want to take everything and that is not good idea at all ! This time I am really thinking about everything - ONLY things I really need , but of course it all depends of your destination and time you will spend in another country ! City break in Paris will have different items then month long holiday somewhere else , right !?
You can have a look at my last years packing advice post here  !
Also I have to say Thank you to very amazing person Ginta , she inspired me to be clever with packing while travelling , if you not check her blog yet then please check it here  , I love her blog and her unique thoughts about everything , she inspire me every single day :)
But now it's time for manicure , pedicure and little packing , everything else I will finish tomorrow , see you soon !
Any advice for packing , please share ?! :)