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Finally packing !

 Beige flats / moccasins from Debenhams and of course the Ultimate perfume Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme ! I am such a Chanel admire when it comes to perfumes but Flowerbomb is just something I can't resist !
 limited edition dress Topshop ( from £ 180  to £ 50 ) Some of you already know that I hate sales  and I will write WHY  about that another time! This was unplanned Topshop visit :)
Shoes Topshop
Hello Darlings , sorry for me being so lazy with my blog posts , I promise that will change very soon  because I am off to Latvia in one day so I have so many places to visit and write about it :) so keep tuned , I will try to update my blog in any possibility !
House is cleaned , plants are watered , wardrobe is organised and I am ready to pack , you already know how bad I am with packing , I always want to take everything and that is not good idea at all ! This time I am really thinking about everything - ONLY things I really need , but of course it all depends of your destination and time you will spend in another country ! City break in Paris will have different items then month long holiday somewhere else , right !?
You can have a look at my last years packing advice post here  !
Also I have to say Thank you to very amazing person Ginta , she inspired me to be clever with packing while travelling , if you not check her blog yet then please check it here  , I love her blog and her unique thoughts about everything , she inspire me every single day :)
But now it's time for manicure , pedicure and little packing , everything else I will finish tomorrow , see you soon !
Any advice for packing , please share ?! :)


  1. Ohhh eliin xxxxxxxxxx
    Bet par tavu postu mazliet sasmeejos, pukes aplietas, man parasti braucot atpakal no lv ir taa, ka pukes ir tik izslaapushas peec uudens, viirs protams piemirsis ha ha ha vienmeer....lai jums jaukas jaukas jaukas briivdienas.....un travel light man intersee nu loti, bet tajaa pashaa laikaa arii ljoto ljoti patiik inteesantu personu lielaas cela somas :-) ja sanaak iepostee ok :-) eju atpakalj pie pag gada raxta paldies ka ieliki uzreiz linku......

    1. Paldies Ginta , izklausīsies smieklīgi ko teikšu bet ceru ka Lv būs tāds pats laicins kā tagad uk ( nu kas to būtu domājis ) :)

  2. Fantastic!! I love this parfume!! Very nice and fashion shoes...

  3. I will wait your posts impatiently! Best wishes, have a great time dear!!! Hugsxx

  4. Love those shoes and totally agree with the Viktor & Rolf...love it!

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