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Feeling Festive

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

 like you seen already in my previous posts this year I am wrapping presents in natural style
 I glamorised simple raffia ribbon with little glass diamonds
 how to wrap unusual shapes like bottles and tin like products !

 Gift tags ! I absolutely adore these cute handmade gift tags made with embossing machine ! my next Must have :)

Are you ready for Christmas Darlings ?

home made Christmas gifts

This time a great idea for Christmas gift - home baked cookies ! I baked traditional Latvian Christmas cookies Piparkukas ( black pepper cookies ) but you can bake anything you like !

 I decorated the jars with simple paper , ribbon , raffia and few  berries ! Also I customised a little does which you can use as a decoration for Christmas tree or maybe for table decorations , with name tags on or just like a little favours for your guests ! ( I am preparing a separate post about table decoration ideas for Christmas )

 Also I made  a simple paper bags filled with cookies !

Enjoy your weekend girls ! :)

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Hello Girls , like I promised yesterday here is some ideas what to get for Christmas for your special people and a very easy gifts wrapping ideas !
some ideas what to get for Christmas  - luxurious lipstick , hair care products , candles  , nail polishes , book 
 To wrap 3 presents seen above you will need - natural raffia  ,simple postage paper , ink and stamp (if you don't have any try eBay ) , dried flowers ( I got mine from Garden centre ) , little Christmas decorations ! Remember this is only an idea , you can use and recycle whatever you have at home and in your scrap box ! I am not a fan of plastic fantastic wrapping paper and ribbons , this  is very cheap and original idea achieved in minutes , yes , that's how easy it is ! I absolutely love natural raffia ribbon , what an amazing material to work with !
Start with wrapping the present in the paper , then wrap around raffia ribbon and attach anything you like to the present  , this time all my materials didn't needed any glue or silikon hot glue , but You might need some glue it depends from materials you will use ! At the end I decided to use some stamps on one of the presents , its so simple and looks great !


Are you ready for Christmas ? Feel free to share this post , I hope people with get inspired for unique looking presents made with love ! :)

turn unused space into used

 Hello Girls  , at the moment I am about wrap some presents ( as I promised ) and I will post about that tomorrow , but for now I will show you my organisation storage post ! Last 2 weeks I been cleaning and organising my space , getting rid of any clutter , anything we don't need anymore !
Here you can see my idea of storage , I turned totally unused space into nice storage  ( before and after picture see above ) , I cant understand why I didn't do that before !!! I got baskets from tk maxx and average price for one basket is £ 12 , except 2 baskets for £ 20 ! I made little lavander love hearts with attached buttons ! I did the same in my daughters room , I stored some of her school work and drawings in the baskets and  laid some teddy's on top !
 my daughters wardrobe top storage space cleverly used
 Tomorrow I will show you some clever and cute tutorials about Christmas gift wrapping and some ideas for presents :)
Any storage tips ?