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Christmas gift wrapping ideas

 like you seen already in my previous posts this year I am wrapping presents in natural style
 I glamorised simple raffia ribbon with little glass diamonds
 how to wrap unusual shapes like bottles and tin like products !

 Gift tags ! I absolutely adore these cute handmade gift tags made with embossing machine ! my next Must have :)

Are you ready for Christmas Darlings ?


  1. I am dreaming about embossing machine as well :) those labels looks so pretty -just perfection :)
    I love simple brown paper wrapping, though not all of my friends finds it beautiful;DD Good that I know all my friends very good and I can adjust every present depending on their taste. I always like your wrapping - very creative and inspiring!!

    I would like to wish you Merry Christmas. To you and your family :) Hope you will have very special Christmas! Wishing you a lot of inspiration next year, stay such a creative person as you are, reach all your goals and find time for a blogging! I love to read your posts - always so unique :)

  2. o, ja embossing machine ir uz mana wish list ari. Ir tikai ar paris ar Happy Birthday un citiem sikiem novelejumiem, bet gribas kaut ko vairak. Loti skaisti iesainojumi. Es ari milu parasto bruno sainojuma papiru. Soreiz mazliet sabuzinaju, saburziju un tad tinu davanas. Liku mazus akcentinus atgriezumus no citiem zsv davanu pairiem, tamboretam zvaignem un citiem nieciniem. Loti patik redzet ka tu iesainoji, vienmer atrodas iedvesma. Lai ipasi skaisti jums sie svetki!

    xoxo Ra