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Pink Latte Anyone ?




Hello Lovelies ,
While outside the cold weather keep greeting me on the school run I am back here with more pink , ( wondering about pink Sakura season already ) . I am not a fan of pink , not at all , only if my pinks are pastel / powder / white pinks . Do you know that I never looked for a pink outfits for my daughters , bright pinks terrifies me .. only Powder Pinks for Us :)
If you are following  me on my Instagram you know I promised more recipe posts , so here is one of them , under the hashtag #hotdrinks #pinklatte :)
So .. when I first noticed pink cute drink called pink latte somewhere in the Pinterest I think - I was intrigued , mostly by what its made of !
So here is the surprise - beet root juice or powder is the base for it !
I absolutely love beet root , fresh and crunchy in salads , boiled in different dishes and roasted in oven (you have to try , its  heaven ) , but the thought of beet root and milk didn't go too well for actually craving this drink !
But its not me if I will not try something new and I can honestly say Pink Latte is actually quite a pleasant drink , very versatile with the ways of using different spices and extras .

Recipe : Milk ( coco , rice or almond )
              beet root juice or powder
              Vanilla paste ( you can also use protein powder )
              Honey if needed

Super Easy - mix tea spoon of powder ( or less , depends of your cup size ) with small amount of water ! Froth your milk , add vanilla and pour into the pink mixture !
Done !

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